New Weapons Against


Security By Design

Eliminate security vulnerabilities by verifying software updates and patches in real-time.

• Determine upfront and in real-time whether server upgrade is valid

• No need to manually roll back to previous version, if upgrade fails

• Fix upgrades to reduce security exposures and revenue impact

• Leverage statistical sampling for large server farm rollouts

Solution Brief

Deliver on Availability and Security

Combine availability and security through redundant systems and comparison of behavior across those systems.

• Provide availability and intrusion detection capabilities

• Compare statistical traffic patterns, differences in response and behavior

• Allow more frequent upgrades and diversified server software

• Identify whether an untrusted image behavior matches a trusted image

• Block attackers, report the event, and provide for orchestration integration

• Deploy on premise, in the cloud, virtual machine or as a container

Enable Continuous Security

Detect and isolate suspicious servers for evaluation and analysis.

• Conformant sessions continue to be served by unaffected VMs or containers

• Real-time isolation of the affected VM or container for further monitoring and analysis, turning production resources into a cage if desired and move on

• Security and operations teams gain insight into the relative stability and behavior of the ecosystem of server software