Continuous Security

Stay one step ahead of attacks


A Novel Approach to Security and Operations

Providing security and availability against inside and outside attacks, either in the cloud or on premises, Curtail Security™ saves enterprises money and increases productivity using novel redundancy-based traffic analysis to identify and isolate zero-day exploits, while continually serving legitimate traffic to other servers.

Combines Security and Availability

Organizations need to be able to find and stop hackers, whether from internal or external sources, without impacting operations. Using Curtail technology, attacks (including zero-days) are isolated to a contained resource while remaining traffic is diverted to a different server. In addition, Curtail can help verify the success of software upgrades before a full changeover has occurred.

Detects and Isolates Zero-day Attacks

Zero-day vulnerabilities often spring from new software or upgrades implemented to fix another vulnerability, creating unknown server-side risks. Through patented redundancy analysis detection, Curtail identifies both inside and outside attacks with fewer false positives. Curtail provides a protective layer between attackers and application servers to detect and respond instantly to deviant application server behavior.

Identifies Insider Attacks

Attackers may be present in the network and often go undetected for lengthy periods of time. Curtail’s patented solution UnCover™ is purpose-built to reveal signs of compromised machines and detect network traffic that hackers have used to gain access. Through statistical analysis of past traffic profiles and comparison across servers, Curtail is able to detect mismatches in network behavior and identify threats, while protecting and diverting legitimate traffic to other redundant servers.

Designed by security experts for security experts

Curtail Security provides uninterrupted security and enhanced operations.

What makes us unique


Identify both software flaws and compromised servers without interruption


Convert production resources into a cage, protecting critical assets from attacks


Continue operations with traffic diverted to “redundant” servers while under attack