Don’t let software flaws shut you down

Keep systems up and running with Curtail


Curtail safeguards your profits, revenue and user experience by eliminating unplanned downtime that can result from untested software updates and security flaws.

Curtail ReGrade

Curtail ReGrade uses patented, comparison-based live traffic analysis to ensure quality, performance, and security while supporting today’s accelerated development cycles.


Curtail ReCover

Curtail ReCover proactively detects anomalies—including zero-day attacks—and automatically diverts traffic to clean, resilient systems to quickly, safely and reliably maintain business operations at all times.


Software isn’t static anymore. Your testing and security shouldn’t be either.

Learn how Curtail uses live production traffic and dynamic side by side comparisons to help you deliver better software, faster, and keep everything up, running and secure.

What Makes Us Unique


The days of testing software, putting it in a box and sending it to customers are over. Today, cloud-based software solutions run all the time. We use that to your advantage. We dynamically compare how updated software and production software perform side-by-side in real time with live user traffic. It’s testing for today.


The old way to ensure continuity of operations was to use redundant systems. But invasive threats can compromise your backups too. We proactively detect anomalies by comparing network responses across redundant and resilient servers. Attacks are isolated and traffic is automatically diverted to clean, resilient servers—so false positives aren’t an issue.


We understand that software downtime is your greatest enemy. It’s expensive and threatening in every way. With our dynamic, resilient approach, we make continuity of operations our top priority. Bugs are detected before they go live, and threats are isolated before they have an impact. So you stay up and running. No matter what.