Stay One Step Ahead

Eliminate security vulnerabilities by verifying software updates and patches.

2017 has already delivered many notable stories having to do with software failures in a wide range of industries. Fallout from a software flaw or a failure can be devastating. More often than not it leads to exposing your users to a poor experience resulting in loss of revenue, brand damage and even worse, a weak security posture.

The challenge is that the majority of software available today is likely to be released with at least one bug. And while not every bug will present the capacity to cripple an enterprise, companies need visibility to find and correct critical software flaws before their customers or the bad guys do.

A study focused on software failures by software company Tricentis revealed around $1.1 trillion in assets were impacted by software failures in the last year.

Curtail ReGrade compares differences between versions prior to each release to quickly uncover defects and unknown security vulnerabilities. Improve customer experiences by delivering flawless software.

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A New Approach to Security and Operations

With Curtail Security, enterprises and cloud providers can provide both security and availability against inside and outside attacks using novel redundancy-based traffic analysis to identify and isolate zero-day exploits, while continually serving legitimate traffic to other servers.

Curtail Security compares differences in both response and behavior over time and across multiple versions of software to identify new attacks and find previous incursions. This is a unique, aggressive approach to provide better availability and security.

With Curtail Security, prevent new attacks and find hidden hackers, both in the enterprise and in the Cloud.