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The Conf­luence of Security and Availability: Curtail Security Launches To Keep Networks Running in the Face of Attacks or Equipment Failure

Company Unveils Network Security Offerings That Protect Organizations Against Zero-Day Attacks and APTs ­Without Interrupting Operations

SAN FRANCISCO — Feb. 14, 2017 (RSA Conference 2017) — Curtail Security™ announced today the launch of its line of continuous network security solutions, ReCov­er and UnCover™. Designed to go beyond traditional threat protection approaches, Curtail combines patented intrusion prevention, detection and response capabilities with the ability to keep systems available. Using unique redundancy-based traffic analysis to identify and isolate zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats (APT), Curtail keeps systems protected and running in the face of attacks or equipment failure.

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Protects resources without downtime: With Curtail, customers improve operational efficiency and productivity while hardening systems against faulty upgrades, configuration changes and network intrusion.

Detects and isolates zero-day attacks: Curtail’s ReCover provides a protective layer between attackers and application servers to detect and respond instantly to deviant application server behavior. ReCover monitors deep protocol interactions and compares application and session states to detect outliers in network behavior, disagreements in semantics or uncharacteristic communications in light of past traffic profiles. With ReCover, a compromised server can be isolated for analysis or shut down to disconnect an intruder while legitimate traffic is directed to redundant servers.

Thwarts APTs and insider attacks: Using patented detection capabilities, Curtail’s UnCover monitors backend servers for evidence of prior compromise, detects attacks as they happen and responds with actionable insight. Through statistical analysis of past traffic profiles, the software is able to detect mismatches in network behavior on specific ports, protocols or uncharacteristic communications and identify APTs, while protecting and diverting legitimate traffic to other redundant servers.

Supports cloud, virtual and container environments: ReCover and UnCover are easily deployed on premises and scale in virtual machine, cloud and container environments. These solutions make building and migrating application stacks to container and virtual environments more secure and available in production when testing and phasing in new software.

Designed by security experts: Curtail was founded by security experts and the leaders of Recourse Technologies (acquired by Symantec in 2002), the first company to commercialize honeypots and to pioneer protocol anomaly detection/high speed IDS, and one of the first companies to build a security management system.

Frank Huerta, CEO of Curtail Security, said: “Organizations need to be able to find and stop hackers, whether from an internal or external source, without impacting operations. Using unique redundancy analysis detection methods, we are bringing to market a solution that protects today’s complex and dynamic network environments and keeps them up and running.”

About Curtail:

Using patented redundancy-based traffic analysis, Curtail Security identifies and isolates zero-day exploits, allowing legitimate traffic to pass through the network uninterrupted. This unique software solution protects enterprises from inside and outside attacks in the cloud, on premises, within containers or virtual machine environments, delivering continuous security and improving operations. For more information, visit

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